On Politics

WTF is wrong with you people these days? When the hell did people become so insanely intolerant of one another? Seriously though people, all of you need to chill. Left, right, it does not matter-all of you have issues, and ALL of you need to step back for a few minutes and breathe.

  • Everybody that loves Trump is not a bigoted asshole.
  • Everybody that hates Trump is not a communist.
  • Gay people are not evil, and should not bother you.
  • Trans people are not evil, and should not bother you.
  • All news is not fake.
  • Alternative Facts are lies.
  • Guns do not get up on their own and kill people.
  • Anti-Trump people have jobs too.
  • There are as many pro-Trumpers on Food Stamps/Welfare as anti-Trumpers.
  • The environment needs to be protected.
  • Endangered species need to be protected.
  • People need health care-Obamacare may not be the best solution, but any solution that leaves poor people dying because they can not afford treatment in this day and age is unacceptable. This needs to be fixed.
  • Abortion is at it’s lowest in history-and is also not murder.
  • All terrorists are not Muslim.
  • All Muslims are not terrorists.
  • Someone speaking in a foreign language to a member of their own family is not evil, and should not bother you.
  • Refugees are NOT a bad thing.
  • Immigrants are NOT a bad thing.
  • Of course immigrants should assimilate into American life, but they can keep their culture too. If we ban Muslim communities on that basis, we MUST ban any Chinatown, Little Italy, Greek communities, etc. People keeping their own culture as long as it does not harm others is a GOOD thing.
  • Illegal immigration IS a bad thing, and must be curbed. We need to know who is in our country.
  • Christianity, Islam, and Judaism all come from the same root religion.
  • If we ban one religion, we must ban all. Since that will never happen, why don’t we just make common sense laws that are not religion based for everybody? After all, that’s what our constitution says to do (that whole separation of church and state thing)

The fact is that both the far left and the far right are freaking crazy these days. That is what is known as extremism. It leads to terrorism.



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